Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 Picks #4

Who: Forum
What: Destroyer Double Dog
When: Don't wait any longer they're selling quick
Why: As if this board didn't kill the entire mountain all ready Forum gave it a livelier feel and more snap. From laps in the park to floating through the bark the Double Dog gives you the best of rocker and camber!
How: Double Dog is prepared fresh, this delicious profile comes loaded with two great tastes in one. Camber sections located under each foot deliver power, pop and edge grip for charging fast and going big. Rocker sections between the feet, and in the nose and tail, keep it a forgiving and playful ride. Add to the recipe a core profile with softer sections underneath the feet and poppy sections between the feet and in the nose and tail for all-day park laps. With the Swingers Club tips we precisely shave the tip and tail of the wood core to save weight without sacrificing durability. This makes the board spin faster and float with less effort when the snow beckons. Join the club and swing with us. Booter Boosters in the tips are carbon strands strategically placed from under your foot to the nose and tail provide a direct response withbetter energy return and more boost for takeoffs and flat ollies.

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